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Journal.Kim —A Metasystem Experiment

It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.
—Bojack Horseman

Seventeen: Sharpening vs. Writing

 | #seventeenth-week

Week Seventeen! It’s been a rather quiet week for me. I’ve mostly been doing team-based assignments learning and studying the React library and the large amount of novel concepts it brings to the table. Having my nose to the grindstone has let me had time to meditate on the difference between planning work vs. doing work. Or, as @adamwolf quotes ZeFrank, sharpening pencils vs. using them. I wonder if this Bee Journal is merely the act of sharpening–navel-gazing that doesn’t really propel me forward.

I used to be a lot worse at this when I was younger. When I did feel like I wanted to actually work hard, I’d spend hours reading about self-improvement, and plan out what my ideal day would be, and then I’d be too tuckered out to actually start implementing anything and just go back to my regular, lazy routine.

I know that I’m doing a lot better, relatively speaking, I’m doing something productive on a daily basis. Doing anything, even small things, is far better than zero-days. The small, incremental work you do builds up over time, whereas zero is always just zero. Regardless, though, there feels like a lot of fluff in what I’m tracking.

A handful of my systems are there simply because there’s a fantastic API for it, and there are other things that I’d like to beemind, but don’t really have a practical way of doing so yet. I suppose a simple solution would just be to ramp up what I already have, but I’m afraid that I’ll just end up fudging the numbers if I do that, I know myself too well.

Systems Review

  • Derailment on /twitter, /weightcheck, and /distraction! Definitely in a bout of laziness. Though, the first two were simply just from putting on the simple task of updating them until the last minute, and then totally forgetting until around 12:30am. I need to set a hard limit for myself to make sure nothing is in the red after 11pm.
  • Finally added /photos, in spite of the above, my Twitter system has been going well, so I figure I’ll try something similar with Instagram, where I practice my photography daily on a private account.
  • Added “weekends off” for all of my systems, as I figure I should give myself time to actually relax and not worry about productivity. And also not try to work seven days a week. Crazy idea, I know.