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Journal.Kim —A Metasystem Experiment

It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.
—Bojack Horseman

My Personal Manifesto

 | #Rulebook#Meta

"This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I will. I can waste it. . . or use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it! When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain and not loss; good and not evil; success, and not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it. I will try just for today, for you never fail until you stop trying. --Ric Kausrud, 1997.


  • He who creates the most meaningfulness, wins.
  • He who dies having achieved the most he wanted to in life, wins.
  • He who has the highest quality of life while spending/purchasing the least, wins.


  • You are alive, but only for a little while.
  • You are a tiny speck in an infinite universe.
  • You have a plethora of options in front of you today.


  • Start living. Beginning this very moment.
  • You already have everything you need.
  • Be content with losing everything except your principles.
  • Motivation only operates properly internally.
  • The world doesn’t care if you’re tired.
  • Hit where you aim, don’t miss the mark.
  • Cultivate a burning ambition for success.
  • Sacrifice what it takes to achieve results.
  • Apply overwhelming force.


  • Constantly pursue knowledge.
  • Recalibrate and practice where necessary.
  • Apply your understanding.


  • Be honest with yourself, and then with others.
  • Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
  • Be as thoughtful of your inclinations as possible.
  • Always respect, but do not hold expectations.
  • You will eventually abandon your body, but preserve your honor.


  • Nothing is ‘risk-free’.
  • Be detached from desire your whole long life.
  • Discard all unnecessary possessions.
  • You are not obligated to do a single thing.
  • It is only a mistake the first time.


  • Nothing should be taken for granted.
  • Leave circumstances better than how you found them.
  • Spread goodness unto everyone.
  • Always be thankful; Communicate it.
  • Always be complimentary; Communicate it.


  • Ego will often create irrelevant fear.
  • Pleasure for it’s own sake is wasteful.
  • A partial feeling can never be depended upon.
  • egret only stunts growth.
  • Jealousy only hinders the self.
  • Separation cannot always be reconciled.
  • Lust or love are never good guides.
  • The unknown should not be feared.
  • Death should not be feared.
  • Avoid taking action for the sake of following customary beliefs.
  • You cannot assume your actions may not have beneficial outcomes.
  • Life is either less work in the present, or more work in the future.
  • Never allow yourself to become comfortable.
The Way
  • Measure the consequences.
  • Never stray away from The Way.