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Journal.Kim —A Metasystem Experiment

It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.
—Bojack Horseman

Forty-Eight: Intuitive Productivity

 | #forty-eigth-week

Week Forty-eight! Quite a bit of discussion this week, how exciting! I suppose I’ll try my best to respond to it all.

How are you tracking all the courses? –@experimentallearner

I wrote about this in entry #41 a little bit, but my approach to this is twofold: Have one Beeminder that’s outcome-based, and one that’s system-based.

/courses: For the outcome, each course I’m tracking is one on, since their material is really high-quality and I get free access with my public library card!

/learning: For the system, I’m measuring my time per day that I’m learning, with a custom category on RescueTime that’s specifically only tracking Lynda and my note-taking app. You could also say this is a subsystem of /productivity, since all the time here is also added to my overall time-tracking.

Speaking of notes, I don’t have a Beeminder directly associated with them since enjoy writing them! I have a slightly outdated directory of notes that I intend to transform into a digital garden of sorts. And then when I push these notes, it’ll be added to my /github system, and my word count will be added to /writing, which is a nice example of how I try to connect these systems on top of each other.

I hope some of that might help!

(Very related, I’ll once again advocate for Obsidian, which is a local and free alternative to Roam Research that I’m developing a Jekyll project on top of.)

I also find journaling so much easier with pen and paper! –@zedmango

I agree very much! Regretfully, like a lot of other “planner people”, I’ve found a lot less usage for my bullet journal for planning and writing since I’m stuck at home and just capture everything digitally. I also have dysgraphia which makes longform journal-writing rather painful, sadly.

I call these insta-goals - goals that you can do right away in less than a minute. They’re my favorite - the limited time makes it less intimidating somehow. –@zedmango

Also, re: beeminding little things like pills, I’m 100% with @zedmango here (as usual :P); the majority of my beeminded goals are tiny manual-goal reminders –@lanthala

I’m the total opposite! I try to avoid doing manual goal-setting as much as possible. I’m (thankfully) quite good at doing small tasks without needing Beeminder, so it’d take more work for me to add their data in Beeminder than just doing them, and in contrast to the combination of anxiety and laziness I face when dealing with large, meaningful projects. I’m also super weasel-minded, as you can tell 😛.

When I was younger and suuuuper into self-help, I’d try to schedule each block of time for a specific productive task and how the most optimized day possible. Of course, when the time came in reality, I’d end up sleeping in or spending the first two hours of my day doing something entirely off-script, which totally demoralized me for the rest of the day.

Now, I suppose I take an “intuitive” approach to getting work done–as long as it gets done before sometime during the day before midnight, then I don’t worry about precision.