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Journal.Kim —A Metasystem Experiment

It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.
—Bojack Horseman

Thirty-Five: Beginning a Garden

 | #thirty-fifth-week

Week Thirty-five! Not really as busy with Beeminder this week! I’ve mostly been really busy with my new Jekyll digital garden project (which you can preview here if you’re curious). It’s crazy how many useful rabbit holes I’ve gone down in research, and with the serendipitous benefit of having the project’s purpose be to archive and organize such rabbit holes!

Anyways, sticking with Beeminder, I’ve noticed that /meditation seems a little selective with which “mindful minutes” it adds as data points–if it’s a new medtiation from Headspace I haven’t done before then it’s added, but if it’s one that I’ve already done then it doesn’t seem to count it. I’ve noticed the iOS application updated though, so maybe it was just an anomaly.

Also, I think the reason things were weird with URLminder reading from Google Docs was simply because I didn’t set the privacy settings for the document correctly, whoops. Seems to be working now! I know it’s been forever since I initially started with this goal–and I haven’t really needed it since I’ve started a devlog on Draft that I plan to migrate–but I think it’s still worth finally implementing correctly.

I’ve been fumbling hard with /distraction lately. I’ve been derailing due to incorrect labeling of different websites I’ve been visiting, and it doesn’t update like other systems do, to the point where it’s 11:50 and it’s still orange because it hasn’t updated (and I know I shouldn’t be in front of a screen that late, but that’s another issue that needs to be tackled), which is a problem since it’s a do-less goal.

The simple solution to this is to just visit the RescueTime dashboard one per evening to make sure that the obscure sites I’m visiting are correctly labelled and that I’m not going over my unproductive screen-time limit.